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What is By Tribal you may ask? 

By Tribal is a peer to peer marketplace for Native American entrepreneurs and artisans. Not only do we host Timothy Nevaquaya's original art but we also endeavor to host all products Native made for the economic empowerment of Indigenous people all over America. By Tribal hopes to be the Amazon of all things Native Made one day!

Our sellers are only enrolled members of federally recognized tribes. We do the legwork to ensure that our online space is exclusively for Indigenous peoples and their products to protect both our sellers and our customers from fraud.

Why is it important to buy Native American style products from Native Americans?

Well, for one it is a federal offense to pass off products that aren't made by Native Americans as Native made. Just ask this guy! But more than that it deprives Native American entrepreneurs an opportunity for economic empowerment, livelihoods, and contributes to the death of unique traditional artisanal skills that have been passed down through the generations.

Through their art and craft, Indigenous peoples are sharing a piece of their history and culture with patrons.  The counterfeiting of a bracelet here, or an earring there is a slow death by a thousand cuts to that history and culture. Traditions that were preserved on the reservations, after surviving plagues, war, and ethnic cleansing, will come to an end due to simple greed.

This is why By Tribal is dedicated to not only the economic empowerment of Native Americans but also to the longevity of their traditions.

So please Indigenous peoples and their patrons, casual and connoisseur alike, we at By Tribal enjoin you to utilize By Tribal to its fullest extent. We have only a few listings as of right now but in the coming months, we hope to grow and transform in new and exciting ways. To that end, we welcome any and all feedback.

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